Justin Baker

Travel Planner

I started as a consultant for AirTreks in 2008. I am a California native who grew up just an hour away from Yosemite National Park. As the son of an Eagle Scout, I grew up with a great appreciation for the outdoors. Most of my personal travels tend to navigate me towards the unique wildlife and natural landscapes around the globe. I spent two years living in Germany studying and working. Just before leaving, I met my beautiful Brazilian wife in Frankfurt am Main through a mutual friend. I then decided to move to Sao Paulo, Brazil to be with her. We married and stayed in Brazil for three years before moving to South Africa for a year. During our time in Africa, we visited over 30 national parks across eight countries. From the lemurs of Madagascar to the mountain gorillas of Uganda’s Bwindi Inpenetrable Forrest, we encountered some of the continent’s most amazing creatures. At the end of our year in Africa, we reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. My wife and I recently moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area to plot our next big adventure. We also became advanced open water divers, giving us another activity to enjoy together while traveling abroad. With so many places still yet to visit, we look forward to the road ahead and keeping our passports filled.

Current City: Oakland, California
Favourite City: whichever one I'm in
Countries Traveled: Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, Malta, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Greece, Latvia, Estonia