Kat Daroczy

Travel Planner

I live to explore and nothing makes me come alive like the pure joy, utter chaos, continuous learning and memory-making of a long-term adventure!

I absolutely love my role as a Travel Planner with Airtreks, spending my days sharing my enthusiasm for travel with others and helping them plan their next grand leap into the wonderful unknown. The best and most rewarding part is hearing the unique tales of our travelers upon their return and all the ways in which their journeys change lives, open eyes and transform perspectives.. that’s the true magic of life, experience and travel!

My first trip was an epic, dreamy and largely unplanned solo quest that began in beautiful South-East Asia and later lured me to tropical Costa Rica, where I lived and taught English for two years as well as learning Spanish and the true meaning of ‘Pura Vida!’

Current City: I'm currently living in Vancouver, Canada and as an Aussie and lover of warm weather, I'm attempting to embrace my first real Winter!
Favourite City: Cape Town, South Africa and anywhere where it's Summertime!
Countries Traveled: Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, United States, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Brazil, Australia.